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Roses and vase, forged steel and brass patina

A lifestyle that Inspires

Listen closely when wandering the streets of Talkeetna, Alaska and you will most likely hear the steady hammer blows coming from Kevin Foster's Anvil, forging and forming metal into yet another handcrafted design.

Artist- Blacksmith Kevin Foster creates ironwork with processes that haven't changed for hundreds of years, Steel is heated in a coal or gas fire, forged in very high temperatures and shaped by hammer into objects of art and utility.

"Summer's Half Over" Forged steel with turned Birch burl base.
2002 Alaska State Fair 1st Place Award Metal Sculpture

Fireplace screen with Caribou, forged and riveted frame, handles and legs embellished with tree bark texture.

Functional Art

The last few years, furniture has become one of the most sought after forged items.

Classic lines such as this table add a touch of beauty and elegance to any room.

Ironclad Designs can enhance your home, office or garden with quality hand-forged furniture, gates, and railings. We offer original designs or you can bring your own ideas and we will custom build to suit your need.

Patience makes Perfect

Each piece is carefully and painstakingly manipulated for dozens of hours to extract the beauty that is only visible to the artist. The process requires strength and vision balanced with precision and knowledge.

Custom Metal Work

  • Decorative window and door grates
  • Door and gate hardware
  • Brackets for hanging baskets
  • Custom tables, benches, lamps and many other types of furniture
  • Fireplace screens and tools
  • Metal art

Natural Art

Inspired by the awesome natural beauty of wild Alaska, Kevin Foster pounds art from scraps of metal in the time-honored tradition of the blacksmith.

Sandhill crane window security grill (26"X36")

Forged steel with intricate detail and marble top

Kevin: "Forging continues to be a driving force in my work, producing architectural works of all scales, which reflect my concern of fine forging and attention to detail.

My artwork is a mix of traditional tools and techniques that I have aqcuired over the past ten years. Ideally I strive for all my pieces to work equally well as both decorative and functional."

Kevin Foster welcomes inquiries for custom work and can design to a client specifications or work directly from a client's designs.

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